Thursday, June 21, 2012

having MS dosent mean your hopeless. People still do most of the things that they were in the beginning, it might slow down a little but you can go out and have fun still. Having MS don't mean your life is over.
There are plenty with this disease and here are plenty of things that are promoted about it. they have annual marathons for MS all around.

My brother and i sometimes worry if out mother will still be here to see us succeed in life, or will be able to see her grandchildren be born and grow up. Those things make me feel down and sometimes depressed. I usually wouldn't share this kind  of information. I don't talk about this with my friends or my father because ti can get to emotional and i don't like thinking about at times but i do.
Even though my mother has had this disease for year i still sometimes feel sad about it. It might seem as if i should be used to it which sometimes i am, but other times i still think about things i cant do with her and never will.

This is Jack Osborne talking about him being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, so anyone can get it and sometimes for years and not even know it.
Multiple Sclerosis is becoming less rare. A lot more people are becoming diagnosed with this disease. There was just something about a celebrity getting MS. No one is excluded from this and it is very important to pay attention to your body and get check out.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Having to take care of someone who has this disease isn't easy. I watch my father as he takes care of my mom and i really look up to him for it because it takes a lot of patience and love to handle it.